Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today the BBC reports that a roadside bomb has killed four U.S. soldiers in eastern Afghanistan.

Writes the BBC:

"A roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed four US soldiers, the Nato-led Isaf peacekeeping force has confirmed.

"Taleban insurgents reportedly claimed responsibility for the explosion which killed the servicemen in the province of Nangarhar.

"Reports suggest that the bomb went off as a convoy was passing.

"More than 60 foreign soldiers have been killed in the country this year, many of the losses claimed by the Taleban."

I have longed argued that the United States has no business sending its troops into any foreign country, especially a country like Afghanistan. No foreign invading and/or occupying force has ever conquered the Afghanis since the time of Alexander the Great. The desire to arrest Oasama bin Laden and Mullah Omar is understandable, but this operation should have been a small police action, not a military one carried out by an invading and occupying American army.

Just as it is a serious mistake for Mexican president Felipe Calderon to send the Mexican Army into towns like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez to help conduct anti-narcotic raids, so it is a serious mistake for Barack Obama to commit 17,000 soldiers, sailors and marines to Afghanistan. This is sheer madness, having no explainable purpose and designed to end in more needless loss of life, such as we see today, not to mention the hatred and anti-Americanism such an occupation generates.

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