Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Washingtonpost.com has an article today from the AP reporting on head U.S. intelligence personnel testifying to Congress that Iran has not weapons-grade plutonium and that they believe Iran has not decided whether to actually produce any.

The AP reports:

"A top U.S. intelligence official says Iran does not have any highly enriched uranium, the fuel used to power a nuclear warhead.

"Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Michael Maples says that Iran has not yet made the decision to build a nuclear bomb. Maples is testifying Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee."

I have been writing in the past that the U.S. under Bush has produced no credible evidence that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons. Yes, there has been a lot of speculation and exaggeration, even outright claims that Iran wants nuclear weapons so that it can destroy Israel. But all of it has been propaganda from the war mongers in both Israel and the U.S.

The fact that American intelligence now admits there is no evidence for believing Iran is engaged in nefarious nuclear bombmaking is good information for those of us who suspect that Israel is trying to justify an attack against Iran either by itself or in conjunction with the United States by hyping non-existence "intelligence" around its own war-mongering policy.

This disclosure of U.S. intelligence will make it almost impossible for Israel to proceed to bomb Teheran. But Israel does the unexpected so everyone must remain wary of propaganda emanating either from Israel or AIPAC here in the U.S. that tries to demonize Iran and Iranians for wanting peaceful nuclear power.

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