Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Envoys from the United States and Iran had a "cordial" talk in The Hague, site of talks to discuss the problems of Afghanistan, reports the BBC.

Writes the BBC:

"The US envoy to Afghanistan has held "a cordial exchange" with Iran's deputy foreign minister, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said.

"The meeting between Richard Holbrooke and Mohammad Mehdi Akhoondzadeh took place on the sidelines of a meeting in The Hague to discuss Afghanistan.

"The US has welcomed Iran's presence at the meeting.

"Analysts say the easing of tensions between the US and Tehran is due to a new tone set by the Obama White House."

This is welcomed news. For too long during the eight years of rule by Bush and Cheney and Rice, there was always a danger that the U.S. and Israel would attack Teheran and the Iranian people. Thanks to Barack Obama and his desire to end the threats and military confrontations, we now have a safer world.

Reports the BBC:

""In the course of the conference today, our special representative for Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, had a brief and cordial exchange with the head of the Iranian delegation," Mrs Clinton told a news conference.

"She said the meeting had been unplanned, but Mr Holbrooke and Mr Akhoondzadeh had agreed to "stay in touch".

"She added that Iran's presence at Tuesday's meeting was "a promising sign that there will be future co-operation"."

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