Thursday, March 26, 2009


What is the purpose of the Department of Defense stirring up trouble by accusing China of building up its military and weapons systems? This is sure to rile not only Chinese leaders but also the common man in the street.

Here we have the United States, the most armed and militaristic of all countries on earth, telling China it has no right to beef up its military. Put yourself in China's shoes. What would you think? How would you react? Angry and resentful. Incredulous in the face of American hypocrisy.

The Washington Post carries a story by Trini Tran of AP today on its web site. Writes Tran:

"A U.S. Defense Department report released in Washington _ the first under the Obama administration _ said Beijing's rapidly growing military strength is shifting the military balance in the region and could be used to enforce its claim in disputed territories.

"China's objections were strong, signaling what continues to a bumpy start with the new U.S. administration. The two governments have tried to minimize differences, but frictions already have surfaced, including this month's confrontation between a U.S. naval ship and Chinese vessels and China's concerns over the weakened U.S. economy."

Where is Barack Obama on all of this? Was the DOD's statement first cleared with him? Does he approve the old Bush line of dictating to other countries how they should act and behave? It's hard to believe Obama would approve this imperialistic tactic. China's reaction of fury and resentment would have been easy to predict. So why stir up trouble?

Tran reports on China's anger:

"Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang lashed out at the report as "interference" in China's affairs and said his country had formally complained.

""It is a gross distortion of facts and interference into China's internal affairs. China resolutely opposes it and has made solemn representation to the U.S. side," he told a regularly scheduled news conference."

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