Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I watched World Focus with Martin Savidge tonight. The lead off story was on the cordial meeting between Richard Holbrooke and the under-secretary for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton herself described the meeting in promising terms. What a break from those war mongers, Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld, who were looking for excuses to send bombs raining down in Teheran. The world is much safer thanks to Pres. Barack Obama's overture to Iranian leaders on the occasion of Now Roos, the Iranian New Year.

So why is Lisa Curtis, a guest on World Focus, so negative on Barack Obama’s wonderful and promising overture to the Islamic Republic of Iran? Oh, I get it - she is a senior research fellow with that neo-con Heritage Foundation. Martin, can’t you guys do a better job in screening these Bush left-overs who still think that Iran is the “enemy,” a country which they think should be bombed to smithereens? We know that the Heritage Foundation is on the same wave length as AIPAC, which thinks the best thing would be to start a war with Iran.

World Focus deserves better than Lisa Curtis as a guest “expert.”

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