Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's another good post by Juan Cole in his Informed Comment on Dick Cheney's baseless statement that "we have achieved almost everything we started out to do in Iraq."

Does Cheney think that the deaths of close to one million Iraqis represents victory of the Bush/Cheney foreign policy?

Or that 4,000+ American soldiers lost their lives in the foolish adventure that did not have to be. Is this something Cheney is proud of and considers worthwhile and an accomplishment? Not to mention the other 40,000 American troops maimed, blinded or left permanently disabled.

Or consider the fractious nature of Iraqi politics, ready to break out at any time into a bloody civil war, where the Sunnis dislike the Kurds, and they both hate the Shias. If one of the aims of the Bush/Cheney occupation was to create a stable society, their goal is way off in the distant future.

Cole brings up the 4 million Iraqis left homeless or displaced by Bush/Cheney war mongering, including those stranded in Syria and Jordan. Surely when Cheney claims that he and Bush achieved their goals, he cannot mean all the children out of school or all the widows eking out a threadbare existence for their families.

Writes Cole:

"Some 2.7 million are internally displaced inside Iraq. A couple hundred thousand are cooling their heels in Jordan. And perhaps a million are quickly running out of money and often living in squalid conditions in Syria. Cheney's war has left about 15% of Iraqis homeless inside the country or abroad. That would be like 45 million American thrown out of their homes."

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