Friday, March 2, 2007

Welcome to PBS Monitor

This is our first post. What I want to do on this blog "PBS Monitor" is to hold PBS to the fire, especially as it involves "news" and "news programs." Too often in the past, news on PBS has been one-sided and ingenuous. Too often, PBS has accepted as gospel truth whatever silly thing the Bush Administration tells it. Too often, news on PBS has been shallow and superficial. My goal on this blog is to call PBS on it, not to let PBS get away with the pro-Bush crap it often offers up to its viewers. Feel free to comment on whatever concerns you about PBS.

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  1. Dear Roberto,
    Thanks for pointing out that I didn't pronounce "Clinton" as clearly as I should have. I occasionally rush when I'm doing the voice track in the mid to late afternoon. I'll try to be more careful.
    My best,
    Judy Woodruff