Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bush and Cheney's Self Serving Attempt to Escape Culpability in Walter Reed

Yo! You guys at the The Newshour. We heard what Cheney said to the VFW convention delegates yesterday. How the Bush administration would not allow the bureaucracy to continue its neglect of wounded service men and women. According to an AP story in Yahoo News, Cheney said:

"There will be no excuses — only action . . . And the federal bureaucracy will not slow that action down."

We can expect the same transference of blame from Bush today when he appears at the American Legion. Jim Lehrer and the Newshour: don't take this mush without giving careful critique. The buck stops at the top. Don't allow Bush to escape responsibility by blaming the "bureaucracy" for Bush's own reckless lack of supervision and direction.

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