Monday, March 12, 2007


NPR ran a good story by Jennifer Ludden on Morning Edition today about the small town of Hazelton, Pa., which has passed an ordinance which punishes employers of undocumented immigrants and which imposes a fine on landlords who rent apartments to such people. According to Ludden, Hazelton's mayor, Lou Barletta, claims the town used to be "an idyllic slice of America." We all know what Mayor Barletta means, no brown or black faces, just all white. And no Mexicans or other Latinos.

One of the interesting parts of the NPR story was when Ludden's piece disclosed who Hazelton's main lawyer is. Kris Koback is none other than the former immigration advisor to ex-Attorney General John Ashcroft. Koback's legal strategy apparently is to frame Hazelton's ordinance in terms that do not mention race, ethnicity or national origin of the undocumenteds. Just bring charges against employers and landlords of "undocumenteds." Have the complaint say nothing about Mexicans and other brown skins. Yeah, but we all really know what is going on. Just don't mention that the person is a Mexican or has brown skin and you can get away with all the discriminatory ordinances your racist contributors and backers so desire.

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