Saturday, March 3, 2007

News Hour 03/02/2007

Here's my main objection to the news on The News Hour (TNH) with Jim Lehrer. Last night, TNH played an advance clip of Mr. Bush's Saturday Radio Address. We heard stuff like W claiming righteously that his administration won't tolerate shabby treatment for injured war vets. Then we saw clips of W as Resolute Leader saluting the Marine guard in front of the presidential chopper. Why is this "news? All it is is propaganda. If TNH wishes to present drivel like this, it owes us viewers something to properly counterbalance it. The Walter Reed scandal shows another area where Bush has screwed up by his inferior and disinterested management of the federal government. TNH needs to articulate this, shine a bright light, not just accept Bush's faux hypocritical self-absolution and his blaming subordinates.

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