Monday, March 5, 2007

Three Important Stories for The News Hour Tonight

There are several news stories that I hope The News Hour covers tonight.

The first story as reported in today's Baltimore Sun deals with the carnage in Afghanistan near Jalalabad Airfield yesterday when a suicide bomber in a mini-van attacked a convoy of U.S. Marines. The story indicates what can happen when soldiers with lethal weapons panic. The Marines apparently opened fire on whatever moved, including passing cars and civilians. At least 10 civilians were killed and at least 25 were wounded in the ensuing blood-bath. There is an important lesson here. The U.S. and NATO should not have military forces in Afghanistan. The history of Afghanistan over many centuries shows that there is no possible way of winning militarily in a country that understandably detests foreign troops and occupiers. The one predictable outcome is that this misplaced military occupation will end many lives, both civilian and military.

The second story is related to the first. ABC News reports that Afghan journalists and photographers claim that U.S. Marines forced them to delete photos showing civilians in vehicles shot by Marines in the Marines' attempt to leave the site of the suicide bombing. Cars were allegedly shot up over a six-mile stretch.

And, finally, The News Hour should cover this third story, as reported in Yahoo News from the AP . Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, claims that Venezuela has intelligence that the CIA is out to assassinate him. Margaret Warner of The News Hour was recently on assignment in Venezuela. She needs to follow up to evaluate Chavez' claim, and not simply accept the word of the CIA that Chavez' claim is without merit.

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