Sunday, June 1, 2008


There is no reason why I would want to vote for Hillary Clinton for president. But there are plenty of reasons not to vote for her. Look at all the things that she has said or done over the past few years. Thanks to Pat Bagley's cartoon in The Salt Lake Tribune today for pointing them out.

  • Hillary voted for the war in Iraq, then refused to admit that she had made a mistake.
  • Hillary said she would obliterate Iran.
  • Hillary thought Barack Obama was not Muslim, at least as far as she knew.
  • Hillary says she is the best candidate for blue collar white America.
  • Hillary wants Florida and Michigan to count after she herself agreed that they would not count.
  • Hillary said she came under sniper fire in Bosnia even though there was no evidence this ever happened.
  • Hillary voted to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a "terrorist organization" even though there was and is no credible evidence for doing so.

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