Monday, June 23, 2008


The European Union has voted to apply additional sanctions on Iran pending acceptance of a package deal to remove uranium processing from Iranian hands.

How about agreeing that every country has the right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes. The Iranian authorities have given their word that their nuclear power program is not to build nuclear weapons or bombs. What is so hard about accepting their word?

After all, Iran has never attacked another country with nuclear weapons or threatened another country with imperialistic armed forces.

Bush and Cheney and Olmert want to organize a military strike against Iran and Iranians. The world cannot let this happen. There is no legitimate grounds for killing Iranians or bombing their country. There is no proof Iran is going against its word.

Until Bush and Cheney and Olmert leave office, the whole world is in danger of a huge conflict starting in the Middle East and spreading to other countries. Attacking and invading Iraq was a huge mistake. Attacking Iran would be 100 times worse.

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