Tuesday, June 10, 2008


George Bush is up to his old war-mongering tricks, this time warning Iran over nuclear development and promising sanctions. The question needs to be asked, has Bush and his enablers Cheney and Rice already decided on a War with Iran? Some say, no war is in the offing, but I remain sceptical and wary. The same pattern as we saw with Bush as to his sanctions against Iraq now seems to be repeating itself as to Iran.

The BBC reports today on Bush's threats:

"Mr Bush said a nuclear-armed Iran would be "incredibly dangerous" to peace.

""They can either face isolation or they can have a better relationship with all of us if they verifiably suspend their nuclear enrichment programme," he said.

""They've ignored the [International Atomic Energy Agency] in the past and therefore they can't be trusted with enrichment." "

Why can't Bush cease and desist ordering other nations around. Who is Bush to say that Iran cannot have nuclear power or nuclear weapons? The United States has nuclear weapons, so why not Iran? If you were president Ahmadinejad and you saw how the U.S. invaded Iraq and tore up Iraqi society, destroyed its infrastructure and threw its whole population into chaos, wouldn't you try to obtain nuclear weapons as a deterrent to any future U.S. attack?

Bush is just up to his old war-mongering ways. I would be surprised if Bush did not mount an attack on Teheran during his last days in office. As The New York Times said today in its lead editorial, it would be a disaster.

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