Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Why do public TV stations continue to allow Judy Woodruff to ply her profession as a news anchor on The NewsHour?

This is one hapless lady. No wonder CNN gladly released her. Judy Woodruff is undoubtedly a nice human being, but should she be the anchor or one of them on The News Hour? No way!

Her questions are simplistic. Compare Judy Woodruff to Margaret Warner, no great interviewer. At least Margaret Warner asks intelligent questions, notwithstanding Warner gives no quarter to the answers. Judy Woodruff asks dumb questions.

I won't mention here here atrocious respect for pronunciation. Like how she says "Clin-on" for "Clin-ton," or "inner-net" for "internet." And so on, just pick your word, Judy is sure to slay it.

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