Saturday, May 3, 2008


Can't the United States engage in foreign policy initiatives without relying on its overwhelming military? Specifically, why can't George Bush and the White House let Somalians decide what type of government they want without meddling, interfering, sending in the Ethiopian Army, and just recently firing four or more cruise missiles into some little Somalian village killing a Somalian insurgent and probably his whole family?

The BBC reported on May 1st:

"The US military has confirmed that it carried out a pre-dawn missile strike which killed a senior leader of an Islamist militant group in Somalia.
"A spokesman said the target of the attack in the town of Dusamareb was an al-Qaeda leader, but would not name him or say whether it had been successful.
"The strike hit the home of Aden Hashi Ayro, the military head of al-Shabab, which controls much of Somalia.
"At least 10 other people, including another al-Shabab leader, also died.

"But local elders have said up to 30 bodies have been recovered from the scene, according to unconfirmed reports. "

First of all, there should not be U.S. Naval warships sitting off the coast of Somalia, looking to assassinate Somali leaders. Second, the U.S. needs to come to its senses and realize that it will gain nothing by brute military strength, like firing cruise missiles into some Somalian agrarian village and killing Somalis.

Imagine if you were Somalian. What would you think about a foreign power like the U.S. shooting missiles into one of your towns and killing a fellow countryman and his whole family? Would you like it? Would it make you more inclined to be friendly towards the United States? Of course not. It would turn you into a rabid anti-American, ready to go out and kill any and all Americans.

So why do the Republicans under Bush support such heavy-handed expression of military force?

Let the Somalians take care of their own politics, let them choose their own government, stop trying to influence other countries' politics with military missiles and tanks.

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