Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The BBC reports more than 100 countries have reached an agreement to ban cluster bombs. But guess who refuses to go along? - the United States and George Bush.

Reports the BBC:

"More than 100 nations have reached an agreement on a treaty which would ban current designs of cluster bombs.

"Diplomats meeting in Dublin agreed to back an international ban on the use of the controversial weapons following 10 days of talks.

"But some of the world's main producers and stockpilers - including the US, Russia and China - oppose the move."

The only reason to use cluster bombs is their lethality. And not only against soldiers. Cluster bombs prove to be even more lethal against civilians, especially children, because to the untrained eye, cluster bombs appear to be attractive metal toys. Imagine a six-year old playing in his backyard and seeing a cluster bomber canister laying among the weeds. This is how cluster bombs kill children, they appear to be toys. But when a child picks one up, it explodes with deadly force.

That the United States is one of the few countries to support the continued use of cluster bombs is outrageous and cruel. All children of the world should oppose the U.S. in its stubborn and cruel irrationality against children.

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  1. Roberto are you kidding me??? Stop trying to make the U.S. look like it doesn't care about children.
    The article clearly states Russia, an China, an it doesn't list the 100 countries that were at the negotiations. My guess is half of them if not more do not have the technology to produce them. Furthermore it is a sin that civilians die from these "failed to dentonate bombs", but there is no reason why new technology cannot be explored an implemented, an I feel a sanction on country if it does not clean up its mess when it is finished in a combat zone would be more effective. The bombs are extremly useful in combat for offensive an defensive reasons. There should be no rules of war or rules of engagement, the terrorist do not have any.