Thursday, May 8, 2008


David Kurzt writes on TalkingPointsMemo (TPM) about a reader's comments on Hillary Clinton saying that Barack Obama cannot appeal to blue-collar white voters.

Kurtz quotes a TPM reader as follows:

"It seems to me that every progressive voice in this country should be outraged - jumping up and down - shouting in print and word - to repudiate Hillary Clinton's remarks that Obama "is having trouble winning over blue collar "white" voters. . . "white Americans" . . .

"It is a disgraceful, shameful tactic to justify her own non-candidacy. This is a remark I would expect from a politician from Mississippi or Louisiana - not from our New York State senator . . . I am outraged, I am deeply embarrassed that my children have heard this reported on the news . . . and I regret that have I ever gave her one hard earned nickel.

"All the while she touts the glass ceiling as a woman but when her chips are down, the racism springs forth fully formed."

I too am put off by Hillary's comments. Where is her basis for making this quasi-racist claim? Don't tell me that the voters who voted for Barack in Indiana were all black. Or that they were all college-degreed.

Hillary Clinton needs to apologize for these remarks. If they stand, Hillary Clinton will be remembered as a candidate that will do or say anything to get elected.

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