Monday, May 5, 2008


The Bushes, George and Laura, seem to love telling other people and countries what to do. "You must do this, you must do that!"

Today, Laura Bush holds a news conference in front of the White House seal, and she tells the rulers of Myanmar what to do. "You must allow American relief efforts!" "You must take in American aid!" Is there no end to the the Bush proscriptions?

I grant you, the rulers of Myanmar are militaristic dictators, willing to send out their thugs to kill and beat up protesting Myanmar citizens. And it seems they are incapable of providing adequate relief efforts for those of its citizens who have lost all their homes and possessions to the recent cyclone.

But why must Laura Bush be the policewoman of the world? Instead of ordering other countries to do her bidding, notwithstanding the humanitarian benefits, why can't she and George engage in quiet diplomacy instead of public shaming?

No wonder George Bush, as U.S. president, has lost the good will of the rest of the world. People don't like to be ordered about as if children. A lesson, it seems, that has been lost on George and Laura Bush.

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