Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have a suggestion regarding the constant put-down on CNBC of the public option for health care reform. Take away the health insurance of Larry Kudlow, Joe Kernen, Maria Bartiromo, Michelle Cabruso Cabrera and Dennis Kneale. Have I forgotten any of the CNBC Republican zealots and ideologues?

Then let's see their reaction if and when they get sick. Let's see how Kudlow deals with his doctor when he is asked about insurance. Let's observe what Bartiromo does when she needs to be admitted to the hospital. Let's watch at Dennis Kneale if he needs prescriptions filled at his local pharmacy but he does not have insurance. All these CNBC smart guys and ladies without insurance will surely change their stingy argument against the public option and universal health care.

Joe Kernen is especially obnoxious in his denunciations of the Democratic bill for health care reform. Kernen says the country "cannot afford it." Take away his insurance and see what he does and how he behaves and whether he then thinks that the U.S. can afford universal coverage.

There are some forty million + Americans without health insurance who hope and pray that they never become sick. When some do, they are forced to demean themselves and become beggars at their local hospital's emergency room. No one should have to endure the humiliation and the debasement entailed.

We need a public option and we need universal health care. The meanies like Cabruso and Kneale at CNBC huff and puff right now against the plan because they have CNBC's health coverage. But this might not last, their jobs may disappear, they may become unemployed and thus uncovered by any plan. But don't feel sorry for them, they feel no pity for their fellow citizens who live from day to day right now without insurance.

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