Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Why must Israel continue to inflict pain and harm on the Palestinians in Gaza? Yesterday, Israel refused to allow a team of physicians organized by the French government entry into Gaza for medical and humanitarian purposes.

Vikram Dodd writes in today's The Guardian webpage:

"Israel was yesterday criticised after it refused to allow a group of doctors on a humanitarian mission organised by the French government to enter Gaza.

"The team, including three British medics, was turned back by Israeli border guards on Sunday and Monday. They say their mission is purely humanitarian, aimed to helping those in medical need, and some of whom were left injured and in need of surgery after Israel's attack on Gaza earlier this year."

The whole Israeli blockade of Gaza is itself a war crime, and specifically, when the Israeli government turns away medics looking to provide medical help and relief to Gaza's population. Israel refuses to allow in basic necessities of life, like medical assistance, as well as needed construction materials so that Gazans can rebuild their homes and apartments, destroyed by Israel in its incessant bombing this past January.

"One of the Britons refused entry to Gaza, Sonia Robbins, who is a reconstructive plastic surgeon, said: "I don't know why we are being refused permission to enter.

""The consequences are that patients will not be operated on, children will have to wait until next time for surgery, and that won't happen until six months time.

""I think it is unacceptable to refuse a humanitarian mission.""

I don't understand why Israelis are not demonstrating in the streets against this cruel and inhumane policy. Each time that Israel tries to tighten the screws by some unthought out policy like turning away physicians and surgeons, the whole world sees how mean and cruel it is towards its one million plus captives in Gaza.

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