Thursday, July 23, 2009


Why must VP Joe Biden stir up the pot all over again about Georgia, Russia, NATO and Georgian Pres. Saakashvili?

Luke Harding writes for The Guardian's web page today:

"Biden has made a point during his visit of reaffirming Washington's strong support for Georgia's territorial integrity and its attempts to join Nato. "We, the United States stand by you on your journey to a secure, free, democratic and once again united Georgia," he said, adding that the US would not recognise Georgia's Moscow-backed rebel republics."

Recall that it was last August that Georgia and Saakashvili launched a barrage of artillery shells at South Ossetia, home to many who favor Russia over Georgia. Saakashvili tried to say that it was Russia which started the war but there is no evidence for that, all the evidence showing that it was Georgia that initiated the fighting.

Writes Harding:

"The US administration is currently holding talks with Russia over a new nuclear strategic arms reduction pact following Barack Obama's visit to Moscow two weeks ago. It is also seeking the Kremlin's cooperation on Iran, and logistical assistance for US troops in Afghanistan.

"Today, however, the US vice-president made clear that any strategic accommodation with Moscow would not take place at the expense of Georgia, or other pro-western allies such as Ukraine. He also rejected Moscow's doctrine that it has "privileged interests" in post-Soviet states."

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