Thursday, January 8, 2009


The United Nations Relief Agency says it is suspending operations in Gaza indefinitely after one of its drivers was killed by an Israeli tank shell. Apparently the driver was in a vehicle clearly marked as belonging to the UNRA.

The BBC reports:

"The UN's move came shortly after it said one person had been killed and two hurt when a fork-lift truck on a UN aid mission came under Israeli tank fire at Gaza's Erez crossing.

"The UN's relief agency Unwra said it was "with great regret" that it had been forced to make a difficult decision.

""We have suspended our operations in Gaza until the Israeli authorities can guarantee our safety and security," said Unwra spokesman Chris Gunness.

""Our installations have been hit, our workers have been killed in spite of the fact that the Israeli authorities have the co-ordinates of our facilities and that all our movements are co-ordinated with the Israeli army."

"The UN said the movements of the truck hit at the Erez crossing had been co-ordinated and cleared with the Israeli military."

This is the trouble with the Israeli attack against Gaza. Indeed this is the trouble with all wars and other actions involving military tanks, war planes and missiles.

Innocent people die. Soldiers indiscriminately fire and kill anything that moves. There is no individuality morality or concern for another's life or welfare.

How many war crimes has Israel committed in the execution of its ridiculous and ill-thought out plan to bomb and invade Gaza?

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