Saturday, January 17, 2009


The BBC's website shows many photos of the ruin caused by the Israeli attack on the Palestinians in Gaza. Here are some photos of white phosphorous used by Israelis in some of their bombs and shells. What a public relations disaster for Israel! Are Israelis really that dismissive of Palestinian life that they would use weapons of such cruelty?

Juan Cole gives us a link in his Informed Comment to Max Blumenthal's filming of a pro-Israeli demonstration several days ago in New York. Cole rightly condemns many of the sentiments of those participating in the rally. Here is the Blumenthal film on You-Tube. You be the judge.

So what has Israel accomplished by its attack on Gaza?

Has it ended rockets being fired into Israeli towns?
Has it caused Palestinians to reject their elected government, Hamas?
Has it pacified the Palestinians in Gaza and made them friends of Israel?
Has it sowed the seeds for more desperate Palestinian suicide bombers in the future?

Has it guaranteed peace between Israelis and Palestinians?
Has it guaranteed continued hostility and enmity between Israelis and Palestinians?
Has Israel shown itself to the world as bombers of schools, UN depots, hospitals, safe houses, not to mention killers of over 1200 Palestinians, some 300+ of whom were children under 16?

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