Sunday, January 18, 2009


There is an article in today's The New York Times reporting on the killing of three girls, daughters of a prominent Palestinian physician who has devoted his life to working for peace. Here is the link to the report by Dina Kraft.

"“I dedicated my life really for peace, for medicine,” said Dr. Abuelaish, who does joint research projects with Israeli physicians and for years has worked as something of a one-man force to bring injured and ailing Gazans for treatment in Israel.

"“This is the path I believed in and what I raised and educated my children to believe,” he said.

"Dr. Abuelaish said he wanted the Israeli Army to tell him why his home, which he said harbored no militants, had been fired upon. He said if a mistake had been made and an errant tank shell had hit his home, he expected an apology, not excuses."

Paul Wood of the BBC has been allowed by the Israelis to enter Gaza City.

Writes Wood:

""But it was in the nearby town of Beit Lahiya that we saw the first real destruction and a hint of how so many lives have been lost here.

""There were streets churned up by Israeli heavy armour; overturned cars; a lake of raw sewage in the street and a mosque left as a broken, charred ruin and smoke was still rising from a large school building across the way.

""A Palestinian man carrying a white cane told me how his 13-year-old son had been killed by a tank shell.

""We were sleeping in our beds," he says, "I am nearly blind. We were no threat to the Israelis.""

The Israelis claimed that they hoped to stop the firing of rockets by Palestinians into Israeli towns, but the killing of the Abuelaish' daughters and the killing of the 13-year old by the Israeli tank shell will do little to accomplish this objective.

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