Monday, April 28, 2008


I watched and listened to Rev. Jeremiah Wright on the Bill Moyers Show this past Friday, then again this morning via C-Span tape when Pastor Wright delivered a talk to the NAACP, and finally again today, when he appeared live at the National Press Club.

This is one intelligent, educated and fair man. Barack Obama should embrace Rev. Wright, not run from him.

But how about the "God damn America" quote that bothered all the "patriots"? But isn't this what pastors are supposed to do, point out society's failings and condemn them? How about the Jews in Israel during the time of the prophets? I am sure they hated it when Isaiah or Jeremiah damned them for their failings. This is what Rev. Wright means when he says "God damn America." He thinks of the unjust war in Iraq, or the firing of missiles into small Somali villages which kill innocent women and children, or the prevalent discrimination against undocumented immigrants because they speak a language other than English.

The Rev. Wright is looking for reconciliation of all groups in American society, not division and dissension. How can anyone be against that?

Instead of disassociating himself from Jeremiah Wright's statements taken out of context, Barack Obama should take the time to point out how reasonable and fair Wright's comments really are.

Jeremiah Wright is not a bogeyman, he is a true American who follows in the footsteps of the prophets of old.

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