Friday, April 18, 2008


Fran and I attended the lecture today at the University of Utah by 2003 Nobel Prize winner and Iranian lawyer, Dr. Shirin Ebadi.

One thing Dr. Ebadi made clear. Iran and Iranians need themselves to work for an expansion of civil rights in Iranian society. They don't need or want outside intervention, especially by the United States. Advancement of civil rights will not be helped by outside military armies. Of course, Ebadi's reference was clear to all. Iranians do not want the United States and George Bush meddling in their society and with their ancient civilization.

In fact, Ebadi made clear that a U.S. invasion would only set back the cause of civil rights and especially women's rights in Iran. A questioner apologized to Ebadi for the U.S. plot that overthrew democratically elected Iranian prime minister Mossadegh in 1953. Iranians do not forget such machiavellian machinations of American foreign policy.

Ebadi also wished for a reduction in expenditures made for armies and armaments and an increase in the care and education of children. Instead of tanks and missiles, she urged governments to think more about the social welfare of their poorest citizens and children.

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