Thursday, April 3, 2008


Instead of trying to get NATO to go along with his hair-brained scheme to put missiles in Poland the Czech Republic, Bush should try to establish friendship and comity with nations like Iran. But Bush would rather toss missiles at a country and kill its population than try to come to a detente and understanding.

Peter Baker writes in today's The Washington Post:

"President Bush won support from NATO on Thursday for his plans to build a limited missile defense system in Eastern Europe and finalized a separate agreement to station part of it in the Czech Republic.

"The twin developments represent significant advances for Bush's plans to establish a sophisticated new radar facility in the Czech Republic and station 10 interceptor missiles in Poland as a hedge against potential threats from Iran or other Middle East nations. They came just as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has strongly fought the system, was arriving here to meet with NATO leaders."

Suppose you were an Iranian living in Teheran. How would you react to the Bush proposal to put missiles in Eastern Europe aimed at your home and country? You might wonder what type insecure and mean human being is so afraid of you and your country that he would work to set up missiles that could incinerate you, your family and Teheran's whole population in a few seconds.

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