Monday, March 3, 2008


Why must the United States fire a missile against a small town in Somalia? Doesn't the U.S. Navy know it is going to kill women and children and innocent civilians when it does so.? This shows how extreme U.S. foreign policy has become. Bush and Cheney believe there are terrorists in some backwater Somali town, so they order the U.S.Navy to fire a missile. This is crazy but it is also obscene.

Bush and Cheney think they can drop bombs and fire missiles against people who have no idea why a superpower is trying to kill them.

Mohamed Olad Hassan of the AP writes today in The Washington Post:

"Residents and police in Dobley said at least eight people, including four children, were seriously injured when a home was destroyed. The attack was confirmed by U.S. officials, who said only that the target was a "known al-Qaida terrorist.""

Those U.S. officials who say that the target was a known terrorist have no idea of what they speak. Why don't they identify the "terrorist"? I assume they have no certainty on who and what is the target. And why don't they respect international law and not attack citizens of a sovereign entity?

Instead Bush and Cheney decide to shoot first and ask questions later. This is unacceptable both for the Somali women and children who were incinerated as well as for the United States itself which makes itself hated by people in the Third World.

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