Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am amazed by George Bush's lame defense of Alvaro Uribe and Colombia for their intrusion into Ecuador and their killing of some 17 FARC rebels making camp in Ecuador territory.

Bush apparently has no sense of international law. One country is not allowed to enter and bomb another country when it wishes. That's the whole concept of sovereignty. Imagine what Americans would say if Mexico sent helicopters to attack rebels who were on the U.S. side of the border. But Bush throughout his seven years has shown himself to be as capable as Uribe in violating borders of other countries. Just two days ago, Bush had the U.S. Navy shoot a missile into some small village in Somalia. How's that for respecting sovereignty of other nations?

Just because Colombia wanted to kill FARC rebels is no justification for its invasion of Ecuador. The end cannot and does not justify the means.

We can all forget about securing the release of Ingrid Betancourt, the most famous hostage currently being held captive by the FARC. The same for the other dozens of hostages now currently being held. But upon reflection, it is clear Colombia and Uribe don't really care about Colombian hostages. All they care about is waging war upon the FARC and killing FARC members.

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  1. It is apparent that your readers need to realize that what happens in the world affects the U.S. How would we feel? like so many times before when over seas personnel, property or land belonging to the U.S was attacked, the Embassy's, Navy Ships, soldiers. How do we feel? Colombia had every right. They pleaded with Ecuador to take care of the problem. Colombia told them, they (FARC) was right there! But Ecuador, like Venezuela is bed with thse Terrorists, socialists, communists.
    Colombia, the U.S, every Democratic and Republic nation needs to ask their neighbors for help...but if ignored and the problem is just over the line, take care of it. We are and need to continue to be a free society, free from terror. lets not love our freedom, but hide from those who want to take it!