Wednesday, March 5, 2008


To think than Condoleeza Rice is going to convince the Palestinians to reconvene peace talks with Israel and prime minister Olmert is beyond comprehension, in view of the fact that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have just killed over 100 Palestinians in Gaza, including some 30 children.

Imagine how you would feel if your child ended up with a bullet fired by the IDF? Would you feel kindly disposed towards Israel? Or would you forever remember that Israel caused the death of your son or daughter?

I realize that Israel wants to stop Palestinians shooting missiles into neighboring Israeli towns. However, that does not justify Olmert sending in the IDF to use disproportional force and to kill Palestinians indiscriminately. Has Israel and Olmert ever heard of the laws of War or the Geneva Convention? Or do all rules go out the window when it comes to the Palestinians?

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  1. How is Israel responsible when when you have a fighting class of people that know nothing else? Israel after talks decided to give the West Gaza to the Palestines to see and control there own destiny. A government was formed to include HAMMAS, and when HAMMAS failed to see eye to eye with there own goverment, what occurred? a battle. They picked up arms and fought there own people. They know nothing else and will never be happy regardless. The bible says that Israel will always be fighting, why? because people govern people, the governments need to be of PEOPLE, all people. But the middle east is comprised of tribes and they are all diffrent with diffrent view points and will never give up power. The tribal governmnet creates the hostilities. They will not work. One voice, represented by majority. Israel is not to blame. Or are we for OBAMA who believes that Israel should be divided. Let's look at the big picture and see who fired first, not bullets, but rockets and mortars.