Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Once again the U.S. military is accusing Iran of supplying rockets and sophisticated shaped charges to the insurgents in Iraq, even to the Sunni insurgents! The BBC reports:

"Sunni militants are being armed with Iranian-made munitions, US military spokesman Maj Gen William Caldwell told reporters in Baghdad."

But once again, the evidence presented by the U.S. army is light or non-existent. There is no hard or clear evidence showing Iran supplying weapons or charges, and the claim that Iran is arming Sunni insurgents is ridiculous on its face. Iran is a Shia nation. The Sunnis are currently killing Shia in Iraq, and the Shia are killing Sunnis. Why would Iran want to supply arms to deadly enemies of its Shia co-religionists?

General Caldwell needs to show hard evidence, not mere hearsay. Until that time, American reporters, commentators and newscasters on radio and TV need to be on their guard as to the flimsy non-evidence evidence. This stuff needs to be presented with a healthy dollop of scepticism. It should not be parroted or presented as the absolute truth.

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