Saturday, April 14, 2007


I had a discussion yesterday at lunch with some lawyer friends about the firing of Don Imus after he was called to account for his racist and sexually demeaning characterization of the Rutgers Ladies Basketball team as a "bunch of nappy-headed ho's."

As readers may know from my previous post, I called for CBS and MSNBC to fire Imus. These comments show Imus to be a bully, a racist and a misogynist. This is not a question of free speech. Imus can say any mean thing he wants, but if he expresses these comments on national air waves, he should expect to pay the price.

This morning in the Washington Post, columnist Colbert I. King takes aim at "prominent media figures who have appeared on Imus's show in the past and who say they would appear on his show again if given a chance." I too voice my displeasure at those big shots in the media and in politics who would too readily let Imus walk without holding him to account. These media and political personalities are in essence enablers. Many of these same people would give Bush and Cheney a pass, merely because they like to be around people with fame and power. These are the very people who would overlook the transgressions of Imus.

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