Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The New York Times reports today on  U.S. imposing additional sanctions against Iran and its oil industry.  Mark Landler and Steven Lee Myers write:

"The new sets of measures, which target Iran’s oil and petrochemical sectors as well as its shipping trade, intensify existing sanctions intended to choke off the revenue that Iran reaps from its two largest export industries. While they do not represent a quantum leap in pressure, they address a potential weakness in the continuing effort: Iran’s increasingly adroit maneuvering to circumvent sanctions by selling its oil through foreign banks or for alternative means of payment, like gold."

This is warfare being waged by the U.S. against Iran, and it is just as illegal as military warfare or bombing Tehran.

The people who suffer as the targets of such American economic warfare are the common people, not Iran's leadership.  It is the guy who loses his job in the oil industry, the storekeeper whose sales fall off sharply because no one has money to spend, the single mother whose state payments suddenly stop.

I call upon Pres. Barack Obama, stop this illegal waging war against the people of Iran.

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