Saturday, May 9, 2009


Why must CNBC populate its hosts with people like Michelle Cabruso-Cabrera, Larry Kudlow and Dennis Neal? These guys are rabid Republicans who make no pretense in their disdain for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress, who criticize every single initiative of Pres. Barack Obama, who rail against increasing taxes for the 5% who earn over $250K.

One of the worst ideologues is a guest commentator from the WSJ editorial board, Steve Moore. This guy never lets a chance go by without taking a whack at Obama or Democratic values.

I watch just a few minutes of CNBC a day, I can't take the Republic whining and spin. No wonder that they lost the last election both as to the presidency and congress. People like Moore have no plans other than that reducing taxes will work that miracle cure to whatever troubles the economy.


  1. Because they know what they are talking about, you don't. You are a socialist!

  2. I am always amused by those neanderthals who try to insult others by calling them "socialists." The use of the word says more about the user than about the target. Historically, Republicans tried to characterize Roosevelt and his plan for social security retirement income as "socialists" and "socialistic." People from that long-ago era still imagine that the description has pejorative connotations. But more than anything, the word reveals ancient biases. Larry Kudlow, for example, uses the term against Democrats for wanting universal health care, but his use just indicates how far back he goes.