Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Michael Gerson writes an op-ed today in The Washington Post:

"But this object of praise -- intelligence-gathering -- is again the object of liberal assault. "To put the matter at its simplest," writes Gabriel Schoenfeld, "American elites have become increasingly discomfited over the last decades by the very existence of a clandestine intelligence service in a democratic society."

"But our democratic society still depends on intelligence officers -- just as surely as it depends on our men and women in uniform.""

The very modus operandi of the CIA is antithetical to a free society. After the actions of the CIA in operating prisons at hidden sites and inflicting all sorts of barbaric and medieval methods of torture, it becomes clear that the U.S. can very well do without a CIA. No wonder many liberal and progressive Americans want nothing to do with an intelligence agency that operates a la Dick Cheney on the dark side.

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