Monday, February 9, 2009


Tomorrow is a fateful day for the Israeli/Palestinian relations. It is election day for parliament in Israel. It appears that Likud's war monger Bibi Netanyahu might win the most seats over Kadima's Tzipi Livni. And the ultra conservative and Arab expelling party of war monger par excellence Arigdor Lieberman is posed to pick up influential seats.

Both Netanyahu and Lieberman would think nothing of restarting Israel's attack on Palestinians in Gaza, wanting to eradicate and eliminate any vestige of Hamas. But because Hamas really represents the people in Gaza, this means elimination of the Palestinians themselves, including all men, women and children.

Furthermore, Lieberman and Netanyahu are constantly accusing Iran of aiding terrorists because Iran sends monies into Gaza for charitable purposes, and Iran also does the same thing for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah's adherents are Shia Muslims, as is the majority of Iranians. It is natural that Iran would want to come to the financial aid of its co-religionists in Lebanon who have seen their infrastructure, roads, bridges, apartment buildings and private homes, destroyed by Israeli war planes several years ago. But the Israeli hardliners try to portray Iran as aiding terrorists, a charge that in these guys' minds, justifies starting a war by attacking Iranian cities and people.

We need Obama to make it clear that U.S. foreign policy opposes such disastrous and catastrophic ideas and plans. Obama should also lay down the law that the U.S. will totally oppose any Israeli scheme to start another world war by initiating an attack against Iran.

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