Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Now come the reports that Pres. Barack Obama has decided to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This is a big mistake. Afghanistan is a bottomless pit that will just chew up and spit out American soldiers. Obama is making Afghanistan his war, and he will surely regret his bad decision.

Mike Allen of Politico reports:

"President Barack Obama plans to announce Tuesday night that about 17,000 additional troops are headed to Afghanistan in the coming months, administration officials said.

"The White House is expected to announce the president is ordering one additional Army brigade and one additional Marine brigade into combat, along with the support troops they need, the officials said.

"Obama has announced a 60-day review of his Afghanistan policy but had to order up these forces sooner because units need to train for their new mission, and commanders want them in place ahead of the traditional fighting season as the weather improves."

The U.S. will never solve its problems in Afghanistan by military might. The more Afghanis U.S. special forces kill in 2 AM raids, the more Afghani children American bombs injures and destroys, the more hatred and revenge will arise in the minds of ordinary mostly uneducated Afghanis towards the United States and Americans.

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