Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The State of Texas is preparing to execute Jose Medellin, a Mexican national, within this very hour. In spite of protests and requests to stop the execution by Banki Moon and the International Court of Justice, Texas seems bull-headed enough to go through with this unfortunate sentence.

Medellin as a Mexican citizen should have been advised of his rights to seek the aid of the Mexican consulate in Texas. He was not informed and thus missed an opportunity to craft a defense.

There is no need for any state to take the life of a criminal, no matter how heinous the crime is thought to be. Especially in this case where the United States was a signatory to the agreement to put nationals of other nations in touch with their embassy and consulate personnel.

Texas still has the chance to escape from showing itself to the world as disrespectful to agreed international law. Texas - stop the execution now.

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