Friday, August 22, 2008


The BBC reports that the mayor of a small town in Herat Province in western Afghanistan says that more than 90 civilians were killed in U.S. raids on his town today. The U.S. military denies that its forces killed any civilians.

This is depressingly similar to all those other cases where the U.S. sends in war planes to attack "insurgents" and they wound up killing women, children and ordinary civilians.

That's why this dirty war in Afghanistan must come to a stop. First, stop using war planes to bomb Afghan towns and villages. Withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan. They are fated to lose just like every other invading and occupying foreign army in the whole history of Afghanistan. Make the war into a police action. Allow Afghanis to fix and settle their own "government" and social customs, however distasteful they are to the West.

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