Sunday, July 22, 2012


Living in Utah as I do, I marvel at the overwhelming support for Mitt Romney.  I hazard a guess that it is about 99% for those who are church-going Mormons.

But membership in the LDS Church has in the past brought problems for those Mormons who pick a fellow Mormon over a "gentile," whether in business, politics, investments or whatever.  Someone who appears trustworthy and honest principally because of church membership sometimes turns out to be the worst scoundrel.

Now I don't say Mitt Romney is a scoundrel or a crook or dishonest.

But I do think that he comes across as all or some of the above when he refuses to release his tax returns.  The Week lists five reasons why stonewalling on tax returns is a bad idea for Mitt Romney.

I concur with all the reasons in The Week:  especially since Romney is rich; he must be hiding something; there will surely be areas where his tax returns will embarrass him; the Democrats have a club to hit Romney over the head as long as he (and his wife, Ann) stonewall.

Personally, I hope Mitt Romney does not cave it.  I hope he keeps stonewalling.  Don't release your tax returns, Mitt!

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