Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Robert Kagan writes today in The Washington Post on Obama's policy towards Israel and its settlements:

"Instead, by insisting that the Israeli government not only put a freeze on new settlements but also halt “natural growth” in existing settlements, the administration has set up an unavoidable and possibly unpleasant confrontation with Israel, precisely at the moment it is importuning a truculent Iran. This sets up quite an image: Unclench the fist at a government that daily calls us the Great Satan, while balling up a fist at a longtime ally."

That Iran calls America "The Great Satan" is no big deal. But that Israel continues to subjugate the Palestinians and build settlements on Palestinian land is of life-and-death consequence, because it will surely lead to another war in the Middle East, this time maybe turning into a world war.

It is about time that the U.S. government stood up to Israel and demanded an end to these unjust and illegal settlements. Israelis have no legal right to put up homes on land seized in the 1967 War, nor do they have any right to commandeer land rightfully owned by Palestinians so that Israelis can use it for their new outposts or for "natural growth."


  1. Just found your blog through Mytwords' NPR Check. Nice work!

    This topic just infuriates me. Imagine the reaction here if those "illegals" people are so worried about began to set up their own "settlements" and allowed them to "naturally grow" along the border? And out in the open, not hidden, and with real bricks and mortar, not just scrap wood and tin.

    Somehow I think the response would be a lot more than some "assertions" from Clinton and "pushing" from Obama that the settlements be stopped.

  2. Welcome to new reader "dguzman." Thanks for your comments. Undocumented immigrants from Mexico don't try to take someone else's land like the rabid Israeli settlers do in the West Bank. the Israeli settlers have no regard for property rights of Palestinians or the rule of law.

    Roberto Antonio Hussein