Thursday, April 23, 2009


Israel's lobby in the United States never stop beating the drums for a U.S. attack against Iran. In an article on Politico, Alexander Burns describes how at the Holocaust Remembrance ceremony today in Washington, speakers urged Barack Obama to take action against Iran.

Writes Burns:

"“Honoring the dead must not be the sole purpose of remembrance. It must help us shape a better future,” said Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor. “When a regime is again ... terrorizing its neighbors, threatening to destroy the Jewish people, how will we meet this challenge before it’s too late?”

"Meridor kept his message implicit, but the subtext was clear: The world must stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

"Joel Geiderman, the vice chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, was more blunt, drawing a comparison between the Nazis in Germany and the present-day government in Tehran.

"“At least one whole nation has been targeted for destruction with the threat to wipe it off the map,” Geiderman said, alluding to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s belligerent remarks toward Israel. “History should have taught us that democracies that let such pledges stand do so at their own peril.”

"“In the names of the victims, I call on the assembled leaders and the rest of the world to ensure that no country that threatens such destruction will ever obtain the means to achieve it,” he continued. “Nuclear weapons in the hands of aggressor fanatics can’t be allowed.”"

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