Monday, October 27, 2008


The U.S. has finally admitted that it carried out an attack against a Syrian village some eight kilometers into Syrian territory. For the past 24 hours Washington issued no confirmation of the incursion.

This is clearly reminiscent of Colombian president Uribe's attack against FARC insurgents in Ecuador. It has no basis in international law and is a sure fire way to start another war, if not regional, even world-wide.

Katherine Zoepf reports in today's The New York Times web site:

"Syria’s state-run media also intensified its criticism of the United States on Monday, with the government newspaper Tishrin accusing American forces of committing “a war crime,” Agence France-Presse said."

I condemn the Bush gang for approving this attack which is a clear violation of Syrian territoriality. If the U.S. had any gripes about this poor Syrian farming village, it could have pursued a diplomatic course by talking to the Syrian government. It could have done so if it chose, but instead, Bush/Cheney resorted to military force.

The result is eight people dead, including one woman and four children. Not only is this a serious breach of respect for another country's sovereignty but above all it is a violation of the eight human beings who were gunned down by American special forces.


  1. Yea and YOU believe it was only a farming town, how fucking retarded.

  2. The U.S. didn't admit anything. It was leaked. While the attack "has no basis in international law", neither did the insurgent smugglers who were trafficking arms, fighters and bomb-making materials into Iraq with the Syrian government turning a blind eye. In terms of the killed and injured, the reports are typically inconsistent because the Syrians can't get their story straight. These people will need to get used to these secret operations between now and January 19th, the day before Bush needs office. During that period, Bush will have no political constraints on his handling of the so-called safe harbors for terrorists in Syria and Pakistan. If I were a terrorist, I would seriously consider going to Disneyland for the next 2 1/2 months.

  3. Oh, but this is a "vague" war on terror... therefore that gives us the right to preemptively strike on everyone in the world who we deem to be terrorsits... basically anyone who wants Obama to win... I'm waiting for Bush to go ahead and tell the military to turn on his own people, because he will do it.

  4. From CNN's Website:
    Soldiers from the two helicopters on the ground fatally shot four members of one family, a guard at the farm and his wife and a man who was fishing nearby, Syrian foreign minister Waleed Mouallem said.

    Hmm.... a GUARD at the farm? Interesting, considering this is from the Syrian foreign minister!