Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So Iran has tested long range (2,000 KM) missiles in a show of defiance. Condoleeza Rice, spokesperson for George Bush, decries the threat. So does John McCain who knows nothing apart from military force.

What do these Bushites think Iran would do after Israel deployed almost its entire air force in military games to simulate an attack against Teheran? Iran's reaction is entirely reasonable, given how many times Olmert and Bush declare that "all options are on the table," code for "we're going to attack Iran."

Barack Obama calls it a mistake not to open a dialogue with Ahmadinejad, and bellicose John McCain calls that approach "naive." This tells all of us that if McCain wins, we are condemned to another four years of Bush's "endless war."

Anyone who objects to another 500 years of conflict and war should vote for McCain. In the meantime, the rest of us must stop the crazies such as Bush, Cheney, Rice and Olmert from attacking Iran.

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