Monday, February 25, 2008


My number one reason for being for Barack Obama and not Hillary Clinton is the War in Iraq. Clinton voted for the War Powers Resolution of 2002 which allowed Bush to start an unjustified war against Iraq. Then she refused to admit she was wrong. Just like Bush refuses to say that he has made any mistakes, so Hillary's refusal to declare publicly that she had been mistaken is hard to understand.

Second, I don't like to have a vote for Hillary Clinton wind up really being a vote for Bill Clinton. Bill was a fine president and did a lot of good things, apart from his sordid affair with Monica Lewinsky and his sworn testimony on this subject. But overall he was a great president. But he had his turn, and he should let Hillary Clinton be her own person. Whoever in the Hillary camp suggested that she have Bill campaign for her made a strategic mistake. A former Democratic president should not involve himself in Democratic primaries, no matter that one of the candidates is his wife.

Thirdly, Hillary Clinton comes off as too devious and too power-driven. Compare her with Obama who seems more relaxed, less tyrannical and less ambitious. Of course, these are simply impressions which might turn out exactly the opposite. However, there are my impressions from seeing and listening to both candidates on the debates and otherwise.

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